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Artificial Intelligence tools are influencing our lives and redefining education and the workforce at a rapid pace. Vital skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, managing ambiguity, and creativity are becoming increasingly important as we prepare students, teachers, and employees for a future deeply intertwined with AI. To support organizations, Matt Mervis and the Skills21 team provide keynotes, workshops, and training on the following topics: 

  • Exploring AI/ChatGPT and What’s Next for AI in Education and Workforce Development (Keynote)

  • Building Safe and Effective AI Use: Purpose, Policies, and Practices, for  Schools and Organizations (Study Committee / AI Task Force Facilitation

  • Prompting Pros: Exploring how to get the most from GenAI text, image, and video-based tools (Hands-On Training

  • Leaders Roundtable: Cross District AI Peer Group Exploration for School Executives (Facilitation)

  • AI-Powered PBL: Harnessing AI to prepare students for the future of work (Hands-On Training and Model Curriculum)

  • My GPT: Creating custom bots for schools, classrooms, and organizations (Hands-On Training and Software Development

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