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Aligned with the Portrait of the Graduate

In the Skills21 Capstone Program, students demonstrate key college and career ready skills through an individual passion project. Skills21 works with school districts to design a Capstone program that aligns with the school’s portrait of a graduate and can be used to fulfill state level mastery based graduation requirements. The Capstone Program offers students empowered participation to explore their own identity, to make meaningful connections, and to enjoy a true sense of belonging. 

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Custom curriculum

Schools customize their Capstone platform by selecting from a library of  25 Activities and How-To Videos that guide students through the Capstone process.

Students sharing their Capstone project


Skills21’s customizable Launchpad platform allows students to document their work on their capstone project and create a multimedia portfolio.  A student’s profile page can include documents, slides, images, photos, GIFs, and videos - everything they need to create a compelling collection of evidence of their project.

Student creating a project profile for their Capstone project.

Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI supports each student’s project journey from exploration to the exhibition inspiring more meaningful projects. Sidekick AI is compliant with student data privacy standards, allows teachers to view AI interactions, and provides a safe environment for students to master working with AI in a PBL setting. 

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The Launchpad dashboard gives teachers the ability to easily monitor student progress and engagement with their projects. The dashboard provides real-time updates, allowing teachers to gauge student performance, identify areas of improvement, and offer timely feedback. 

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When a school works with Skills21 on their Capstone program, Skills21 also creates a customized professional development program for all Capstone teachers.  This interactive and collaborative professional development opportunity ensures teachers are all fully prepared to guide their students through a rigorous and meaningful project. 

teachers recieve professiona development for the Capstone program


The culminating experience for Capstone projects is the final exhibition.  Skills21 will help schools design a meaningful final exhibition for students' projects with an authentic audience.  The final exhibition is a celebration of the hard work students put in to demonstrate that they have mastered the most critical skills for college, careers, and beyond! 

Students share their Capstone projects with the entire school

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