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Unlock Student Passion and Potential

The Skills21 Personal Interest Project (PIP) provides an opportunity for students to follow their passions and complete a project where they can “learn, solve, make, or do” while mastering high leverage skills necessary for school and beyond. Personal Interest Projects offer students empowered participation to explore their own identity, to make meaningful connections, and to enjoy a true sense of belonging. 

PIP Overview (At-Home Schooling)
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STep-by-step Curriculum

The PIP curriculum features 12 scaffolded project tasks and 20 supporting videos that guide students in grades 5-12 through each phase of their project and culminates in a compelling Project Portfolio.

student presenting their Skills21 Personal Interest Project to a group


The Launchpad dashboard gives teachers the ability to easily monitor student progress and engagement with their projects. The dashboard provides real-time updates, allowing teachers to gauge student performance, identify areas of improvement, and offer timely feedback. 

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