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Unlock Student Passion and Potential

The Skills21 Personal Interest Project (PIP) provides an opportunity for students to follow their passions and complete a project where they can “learn, solve, make, or do” while mastering high leverage skills necessary for school and beyond. Personal Interest Projects offer students empowered participation to explore their own identity, to make meaningful connections, and to enjoy a true sense of belonging. 

PIP Overview (At-Home Schooling)
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STep-by-step Curriculum

The PIP curriculum features 12 scaffolded project tasks and 20 supporting videos that guide students in grades 5-12 through each phase of their project and culminates in a compelling Project Portfolio.

student presenting their Skills21 Personal Interest Project to a group


The Launchpad dashboard gives teachers the ability to easily monitor student progress and engagement with their projects. The dashboard provides real-time updates, allowing teachers to gauge student performance, identify areas of improvement, and offer timely feedback. 

Teacher Dashboard Image.png

Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI supports each student’s project journey from exploration to the exhibition inspiring more meaningful projects. Sidekick AI is compliant with student data privacy standards, allows teachers to view AI interactions, and provides a safe environment for students to master working with AI in a PBL setting. 

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enrichment to whole school

Schools are implementing PIP with 5th through 12 grade students in a range of settings from supporting unique groups of learners (enrichment, re-engagement, credit recovery) to school wide implementation in WIN and other student-centered learning blocks.

student working on their Skills21 Personal Interest Project

high school credit

An integrated academic PIP allows high school students to engage in a personally relevant project while earning high school credit in areas including humanities, STEM, electives, and the Mastery Based Diploma Assessment in several states. 

Students sharing their idea for their Skills21 Personal Interest Project

launchpad platform

Skills21’s Launchpad platform allows students to document their Personal Interest Project through a compelling PIP portfolio.  A student’s portfolio can include documents, slides, images, photos, GIFs, and videos - everything they need to create a visually exciting demonstration of their project online.

student creating a project profile for their Skills21 Personal Interest Project

dedicated coaching

Schools participating in PIP have access to a dedicated coach who will work closely with the teacher and students throughout the PIP Process. Coaching support can be provided by email, phone or through online meetings.

students and teachers getting coached during the Skills21 Personal Interest Project.

Let's Chat

Botelle Elementary School (Norfolk, CT).png

Botelle Elementary School in Norfolk, CT has implemented the Personal Interest Project for the past two years with their 5th and 6th graders. The students utilized the school's maker space to bring their projects to life, then shared their hard work with the school community in an end-of-year PIP Showcase.  

Portland School District.png

Over the past couple of years, Portland Middle School has had its 8th graders complete a Personal Interest Project in a school-wide initiative. The students used time in Advisory, Social Studies, and English Classes to complete their projects and presented their finished products to the school and local community.  


Kaynor Tech in Waterbury, CT had their 12th graders fulfill their school graduation requirement by completing a Personal Interest Project. The projects were shaped around their passion for Information Technology and aligned with the school's vision of a graduate. 

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