Students are
natural innovators designers creators

You just have to
give them a venue

Skills21 delivers an affordable, road-tested model for driving student success. Schools and organizations from New England and around the country can now participate in the nationally-recognized Skills21 effort.

Inspired Learning, Creative Design, Student Solutions
Expo Fest

Learn About Expo Fest

The ultimate experience for students’ hard work and innovation. The high-energy Expo Fest lets students showcase innovative, cross-curricular products, services, community actions, digital media creations, and films.

For Students

Interactive Challenge-based

Students tackle entrepreneurship, STEM, and media challenges as part of a proven student engagement model. Courses, video episodes, and student/educator resources are provided using Skills21 Launchpad.


Real-time Assessment for Academic Events

Skills21 Trackpad is a purpose-built assessment tool for challenge based learning, academic competitions, and events. This web app can be used on any device and provides student assessment in real-time providing immediate feedback.


Mobile Tools for NGSS-Aligned Learning Explorations
STEM Quest

Step outside the box with Skills21 STEM Quests and take STEM learning to a whole new dimension.


​Learning Starts Early With
School Fuel

School Fuel equips adults and children with tools to embrace the digital age in a mindful, successful way. With School Fuel's hands-on training and contemporary learning platform, parents, students, and families are fueled-up for school!


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