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Learn, Practice and Master Using AI With Sidekick AI Academy

Sidekick AI Academy is a dedicated space for students and teachers to learn how to use AI chatbots. The platform walks students through seven unique AI prompts and features instructional videos on how to get the most out of AI in a safe and productive manner. Sidekick AI Academy complies with student data privacy standards and allows teachers to review and provide feedback on student interactions with the chatbot. Prompt strategies include:

  • Role Assignment - Learn from the Pros

  • Summarization - Sum it Up 

  • Co-Writing - Write With Me 

  • Brainstorming - Think Tank

  • Research - Just Asking 

  • Feedback - Check it Out

  • Study Tools - Sidekick Study Buddy

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Enhance Project-Based Learning with Sidekick AI

Embedded in the Skills21 Launchpad platform, Sidekick AI supports each student’s project journey from exploration to the exhibition. Sidekick AI enhances the Personal Interest Project (PIP) and Capstone experiences, inspiring more meaningful projects.

  • Fully compliant with student data privacy standards

  • Allows teachers to view and provide feedback on Sidekick AI interactions

  • Provides a safe environment for students to learn, practice and master working with AI

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