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Creating a Toolkit of SEL Skills

In the Skills21 Journey Of You (JOY), students embark on an experience that builds resilience. Through each activity students explore new practices that will instill positivity, healthy habits and Social Emotional Learning strength building. 

Joy Overview
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STep-by-step Curriculum

The curriculum features 4 series of scaffolding activities and supporting videos. These include Recognize (stress in us and others), exercise and rest), Breathe (with purpose and intention), Connect (positively with others) and Flex (all that you’ve got!). 

Students collaborate with peers with the Skills21 Journey of You


The Launchpad dashboard gives teachers the ability to easily monitor student progress and engagement with their projects. The dashboard provides real-time updates, allowing teachers to gauge student performance, identify areas of improvement, and offer timely feedback.

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dedicated coaching

Schools participating in JOY have access to a dedicated coach who will work closely with the teacher and students throughout the JOY Process. Coaching efforts can be provided by email, phone or class visits (in-person & virtual).

Students and teachers recieve coaching and support for the Skills21 Journey of You.

launchpad platform

Skills21’s Launchpad platform allows students to document their Journey of You (JOY) through a compelling JOY portfolio.  A student’s portfolio can include documents, slides, images, photos, GIFs, and videos - everything they need to create a visually exciting demonstration of their project online.

Students creat a SEL-based project profile with Skills21 Journey of You

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COVID Relief Fund Alignment

The Skills21 Capstone Program aligns with COVID Relief Funding priorities and funds may be used to purchase student licenses, professional development and coaching for the Skills21 PIP Program. 

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The Journey of You (JOY) was specifically designed to support the social and emotional health of students throughout and beyond the COVID pandemic.  

school safety & social well-being

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Website - ESSER Alignment.png

Journey of You (JOY) includes activities that challenge students to communicate and collaborate with family, peers and community experts.

Family & Community Connection


Journey of You (JOY) can work in remote, in-person and hybrid school models. Skills21 can provide staff development on any of the projects and students can access their project on any device.

remote learning, staff development
& Digital divide


Journey of You (JOY) is well suited for out-of-school time implementations including summer enrichment programming.

Summer Enrichment 

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