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About Teams


In the Skills21 Team Challenges, students must identify a real-world problem and produce a viable solution. Each challenge is supported with a respective scoring criteria and suggested project curriculum designed to support students and teachers in remote or hybrid learning settings. 

All teams will showcase their work at our annual Expo Fest. 


All the excitement that has happened at Expo Fest has left me with the impression that our generation can do something for the world and this is just the first step.

9th Grade StudentWamogo Regional High School

Special Awards

Director's Challenge

AR Challenge

The AR Challenge is for projects that successfully incorporate augmented reality.  


Big Pitch

The Big Pitch is for team’s that feel their pitch skills are elite. 

Robotic Lab Assistant

Big Bang

The Big Bang celebrates the best science, tech or engineering project. 

Young Women Brainstorming

Director's Challenge

The Director's Challenge is awarded to teams that develop an exemplary collaboration.

Young Women Brainstorming

ARX Challenge

The ARX Challenge is for projects that successfully incorporate augmented reality.  

Past Projects 



Launchpad is the platform you will use to showcase your project. Here you’ll find all the tasks you need to complete and guidance on how to build out your Team Project Profile. Your Launchpad profile is also where judges review and score all of your work!

Important Dates

Due Dates

  • Monday, April 26th 2021 

    • Applications Due

  • Monday, May 10th 2021

    • Launchpad Final Due

Expo Fest

  • Wednesday, May  26th 2021 

    • Pitches and Q&A with Judges

  • Thursday, May 27th 2021

    • Awards Ceremony

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