Skills21 is a nationally known leader in digital learning and recognized by the US Department of Education as an exemplary model for delivering STEM achievement.


Skills21 delivers a proven model for driving student success. Using a variety of learning technologies, Skills21 programs help increase rigor and relevance at school. Nearly a decade of research has demonstrated that Skills21 programs increase academic achievement, lead to improved 21st century skills, impact students interest in STEM, and help students collaborate with peers from different backgrounds.

As Skills21 transitions from a research-based learning lab to an integrated suite of middle and high school offerings, the program is positioned to impact a diverse population of students in a wide variety of settings.


Meet the Team

Matt Mervis

Matt has worked as an entrepreneur, consultant, and edtech product developer for over 20 years. He has served in roles including classroom teacher, district technology director, professional development specialist and innovation designer. Matt brings a unique set of skills and experience to help lead the exceptional team at Skills21. Matt lives in western Massachusetts with his kids where he enjoys making lots of music.


Cameron Audia

Cameron has worked in education, and media for the last 10+ years. Cameron is the Executive Producer of Expo Fest, while wearing other hats like creating Skills21's video and media assets.

When she isn't busy making spreadsheets you can find her on hiking/biking trails, at the movies, traveling or seeing live music with friends or her husband.


Liz Radday

Liz joins the Skills21 team after teaching math and special education for over fifteen years in Camden, NJ and Connecticut. She decided to move out of the classroom and into a position where she could do research, connect with more teachers and students, and bring challenge based, hands-on learning to more students in Connecticut. She is inspired by the projects students bring to Expo Fest.  Liz lives in New Milford, CT with her husband and two daughters.


Gary Robinson

Gary is our Skills21 Coach, he engages and coaches all student teams and Capstone students who compete at Expo Fest. Gary joins Skills21 after spending four-plus years working in collegiate athletics. He earned his M.B.A in Marketing at UMass Dartmouth and his B.A. in Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University. He lives in Torrington, CT, where he enjoys hiking, attending MLB games and playing men’s league basketball.