2018 Award Winners

Online Expo
June 5, 2020

Capstone Award Winners

Outstanding Overall Project

First Place: Predicting NFL Games - James Galske - Farmington HS

Second Place: The Freedom Jack - Jessica Reid - East Haven HS

Third Place: BioFilm - Mariam Dobosz - Fairchild BIO

Outstanding Use of Technology

First Place: ICE - Zachary Austin - Northwestern Regional 

Second Place: Automatic Grain Dispensor - Colette Andrews - Farmington HS

Third Place: IUDs That Think - Taimara Hoffler - ESUMS

Outstanding Art Project

First Place: More Than Just Ink - Elijah Fuentes - Pathways

Second Place: Drawn to Life - Tomas Gomez - Pathways

Third Place: Art Within - Daijhmonae Vazquez - Pathways

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Project

First Place: Predicting NFL Games - James Galske - Farmington HS

Second Place: Sleeping Bag - Thomas Mierzwa - Northwestern Regional HS

Third Place: Leadership in Entrepreneurship - Micah Johnson - Farmington HS

Outstanding Application of Research

First Place: BioFilm - Mariam Dobosz - FairchildBIO

Second Place: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics - Kailey Moon - Famrington HS

Third Place: Crickets - Olivia Wallon - Fairchild BIO

Exemplary Community Outreach & Involvement 

First Place: The Freedom Jack - Jessica Reid - East Haven HS

Second Place: CLESS - Brian Pettway - ESUMS

Third Place: Floor2Feet - Pilar Warner - Northwestern Regional HS

Outstanding Humanities Project

First Place: The Calm Kit - Amber Conte - East Haven HS

Second Place: Music and Elderly - Matt Thureson - Farmington HS

Third Place: Composition in Film - Ashley Dummitt - Farmington HS

Outstanding Team Project

First Place: Cannula Clip - Southington HS

Second Place: AC Cubed - Southington HS

Third Place: Multi Vision Corp - Fairchild IT

Red Carpet Award Winners

84 Hour Challenge

Best Screenplay

Alone, Shepaug Valley HS

Best Acting

The Intern, Nonnewaug HS

Best Editing

File 8675309, Newtown HS

Best Cinematography

Salty, Woodland Regional HS

Best Picture

The Intern, Nonnewaug HS

Audience Choice Award

The Intern, Nonnewaug HS

Parent Choice Award

The Intern, Nonnewaug HS

Documentary Challenge

Ethan Allen - An American Icon, Marvelwood School

Tobacco Free PSA Challenge

Dumb Ways to Die - Broadview Middle School

Open Challenge

Home - Newtown HS

News Story Challenge

Transitional Team - ESUMS

'How To' Comedy Challenge

How To Ask Girls Out - Marvelwood School

Middle School 90 Second Challenge

Colorz, Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School

Animation Challenge

Art & Life, Nonnewaug HS

90 Second High School Challenge

The Bear, Newington HS

Action Sequence Challenge

Peanutbutter, Newtown HS

Saturday Award Winners

Sikorsky STEM Challenge

First Place - Joel Barlow High School

Second Place - Lauralton Hall 

Third Place - Hamden High School

Advanced Manufacturing Challenge

First Place - Wilcox Tech - Zike Bike Generator

Second Place - Eli Whitney - Team Dynamo

Third Place - Bristol Tech - Spartan Energy

Entrepreneurship Challenge

First Place - Farmington HS - SplitCup  

Second Place - Foran HS -  Speculo 

Third Place - Foran HS - Cashademic

Computer Science - 1

First Place - ESUMS - Fesentience

Second Place - ESUMS - Binarians

Third Place - Fairchild Wheeler - CONES

Computer Science - 2

First Place - Newtown HS - ByteSized Cookies

Second Place - Metropolitan Business - EnviroQuest

Third Place - Hamden HS - G4G

Technology Challenge

Outstanding Contribution in Technology

ESUMS - V.A.S.A Team

Middle School Challenge

Outstanding Contribution

Thomas Edison Middle School - Crush No More

Engineering Challenge

Outstanding Contribution

ESUMS - Gotta Blast

New Media Challenge

Outstanding Contribution in New Media

ESUMS - GNEtICS Film Group

Level 1 STEM Academy Challenge

First Place - ESUMS - Automated Gardens

Second Place - East Haven HS - Destresseffect

Third Place - Wamogo HS - SafeTPass

Special Awards

Big Pitch 

Speculo - Foran HS

Big Bang

Fesentience - ESUMS

Director's Challenge

TredTrax - Pomperaug HS