The Challenge

May 19-20 2017
Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre,
Wallingford, Connecticut

2017 Red Carpet Challenges and Guidelines

2017 Innovation and Design Challenges 

2017 Expo Fest Display Guidelines

Skills21 Launchpad Media for Expo Fest

Skills21 reserves the rights to determine the appropriateness of any project submitted to Expo Fest. If a topic or project name show possible signs of controversy we will ask for written approval from both the school principal and district superintendent to showcase the subject matter at Expo Fest.

2017 Fresh Perspectives Challenge

The Challenge:

Create and implement a new physical or digital product, service, artifact, or community action campaign that addresses the overall Expo Fest theme of Fresh Perspectives. Teams will:

Team projects will be judged by academia and professionals in the following areas:

Teams must incorporate the following requirements in the project with consideration of the overall theme of Fresh Perspectives as it applies to the specific challenges.