About Capstone

In the Skills21 Capstone Program, students demonstrate mastery of a variety of college and career ready skills through an individual passion driven project. Skills21 works with school districts to design a Capstone program that aligns with the school’s portrait of a graduate and fits the school’s implementation needs.

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Skills21’s customizable Launchpad platform allows students to document their work on their capstone project and create a multimedia portfolio.  A student’s profile page can include documents, slides, images, photos, GIFs, and videos - everything they need to create a compelling collection of evidence of their project! 


When a school works with Skills21 on their Capstone program, Skills21 also creates a customized professional development program for all Capstone teachers.  This interactive and collaborative professional development opportunity ensures teachers are all fully prepared to guide their students through a rigorous and meaningful project. 



The culminating experience for Capstone projects is the final exhibition.  Skills21 will help schools design a meaningful final exhibition for students projects with an authentic audience.  The final exhibition is a celebration of the hard work students put in to demonstrate that they have mastered the most critical skills for college, careers, and beyond!