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On February 15th at 9:00 PM, Skills21 will host a 1-hour webinar titled Capstone Projects: Demonstrating the Vision of the Graduate and Mastery of College and Career Ready Skills.

The Wyoming State Board of Education recently voted to move forward with the Profile of a Graduate Initiative.  This project will define the knowledge, skills, and attributes students should have when they graduate from a Wyoming high school.  To demonstrate the Profile, high school seniors can do a Capstone project and Skills21 has the experience and expertise in designing a Capstone curriculum to meet state guidelines.  

The webinar will be hosted by capstone experts Liz Radday and Matt Mervis from Skills21 who will talk about the many ways districts are implementing Capstone projects in Connecticut to demonstrate the Portrait of a Graduate and how students are benefitting. The webinar will feature video profiles of students and teachers who share their first-hand experience with Capstone and how it has impacted teaching and learning.  

Find out how leading districts are using the Skills21 Capstone curriculum and how your district can join in. 


Capstone Projects are learning opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to take their own passions and turn them into deep, meaningful and engaging learning experiences that demonstrate the portrait of a graduate skills.  Through a series of scaffolded tasks and independent guided work, students are able to take ownership of their learning and practice the skills needed for college and careers.  Capstone projects emphasize mastery, hands-on, and project based learning, thereby increasing engagement and skills acquisition for students.  

Currently, over a dozen districts in Connecticut are using the innovative Skills21 Capstone Curriculum and platform to design, complete and share their Capstone projects. 

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