School Fuel

School Fuel helps teachers and families prepare for this generation of children and the digital tools they use every day. Using a custom mobile learning platform combined with professional development support, School Fuel, aims to successfully integrate technology and drive student success.

  • EARLY LEARNING READINESS through appropriate apps, curated app bundles designed to drive grade-level mastery
  • SAFE AND MINDFUL TECH USE best practices for mindfully balancing screen time, in and out of the classroom
  • IMPROVED PARENT/CHILD DIALOGUE through iii Model, an emphasis on parent/child & teacher/child dialogue during interactive learning

The Model

School Fuel advocates for the idea that parents are the #1 teachers in their child’s life. Parent’s know their child’s interests, experiences, and personality which makes for an amazing foundation for learning. Children learn best from natural play and conversations and School Fuel has created a universal template (iii Model) to help these conversations to be rich with dialogue while encouraging children to expand their vocabulary and think creatively.

Tech & Training

End-to-end Program

• Teacher Training and Classroom Implementation

• After School Parent Trainings

• School Fuel Platform

• Fully Loaded iPads for Classrooms and Families

Workshops & Professional Development Support

• Parent and Teacher App-y Hours

• Classroom Strategies and Best Practices with Tablets and Apps

• Finding and Using the Best Apps for Young Learners

• Managing Screen Time and Technology Use in School and Home

• Parent-Child-Teacher Dialogue Enrichment

“The benefits of this training are immense. I feel such a sense of pride knowing that I can help and promote such a current issue with today’s technological society and family dynamics. We have been so lucky to get the chance to interact with these families in this specialized way and can walk away with a greater sense of community and mentorship after working with School Fuel and the Skills21 team. We really do feel like media mentors!” Teacher School Fuel Training

Curated Apps

School Fuel delivers curated bundles of apps designed to boost student engagement and promote grade-level mastery. School Fuel app bundles are chosen using a comprehensive selection rubric including alignment with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

“Learning the apps in depth from a teacher's perspective-- it helps me to elaborate with my child so he can get the most from each learning experience.” Parent from School Fuel Training

Let's Talk

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