2019 Award Winners

Online Expo
June 5, 2020

Capstone Award Winners

Outstanding Overall Project

First Place: Humansight - Riley Fitzpatrick- Pomperaug

Second Place: Mindset - Zachary Hoedl - Pomperaug

Third Place: Wireless Defender - Patrick Ziemke - Pomperaug

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Project

Humansight - Riley Fitzpatrick- Pomperaug

Outstanding Health Project 

Livestock and Veterinarians - Pooja Swami - Farmington

Outstanding Humanities and Research

Preventing Veteran Suicide - Lyrissa Barrett - Farmington

Director's Challenge

CofranMedia - Austin Cofrancesco and Deon Griffin - ESUMS

Outstanding Performing Arts Project

Directing and Theatre Studies - Camille Hoeb - Farmington

Outstanding Scientific Research 

Metabolism in Breast Cancer - Shubhangy Raghavan - Fairchild Wheeler 

Outstanding Social Justice/Community Outreach

Student Rights - Dianalys Bonilla - Hill Career

Outstanding Technology Project

Wireless Defender - Patrick Ziemke - Pomperaug

Outstanding Visual Arts Project

Spectrum: Colorism in Black America - Susie Okoli - ESUMS

Outstanding Team Project - Engineering

Wheely Clean - Mary Bilodeau, Sydney Bradshaw, Olivia Carpenter, Asami Castellano - Southington

Outstanding Team Project - Outreach

Bridgeport Girl Coders - Jacqueline Leal, Callie Valenzisi, Keyna Morales, Nicole Dejusti and Abigail Reyes - Fairchild

Outstanding Team Project - Scientific Research

Stress Behaviors in Multi-Species Vivarium - Connor Oclair Charles lavin - Fairchild

Sikorsky Challenge

First Place: Lauralton Hall

Second Place: Joel Barlow High School

Third Place: Hamden High School

Red Carpet Award Winners

84 Hour Challenge - watch!

Best Editing

Woodland Regional, Closed Beta

Best Acting

Southington HS, Enough

Best Cinematography

Marvelwood School, Eggshells

Best Screenplay

Wilbur Cross, The Vault

Best Picture

Woodland Regional, Address Unknown

Documentary Challenge - watch!

Marvelwood School, The Great Die Off

News Story Challenge - watch!

Shepaug, The Rhythmic Integration Center Teaches Students How to Drum

Open Challenge - watch!

Wilbur Cross, Trapped!

Audience Choice Award - watch!

Wilbur Cross, Trapped!

Parent Choice Award - watch!

Betsy Ross Magnet School, Dreams

Middle School 90 Second Challenge - watch!

Timothy Edwards, The NDPA Draft

High School 90 Second Challenge - watch!

Terryville High, Race Against the Bell

Animation Challenge - watch!

Nonnewaug HS, Frosty's Heist

NBC Middle School Environmental PSA

Torrington Middle, Litter is Bad

'How To' Comedy Challenge - watch!

Kaynor Tech - How To Stop Being Addicted To Hiding

Saturday Award Winners

Advanced Manufacturing

First Place

Windsor HS - SuperSonic Pumps Inc

Second Place

Windsor HS - Windsor Water Ways 

Third Place

ESUMS - PentaPump

Computer Science Challenge 1

First Place

Wethersfield HS - Shelly

Second Place

Wethersfield HS - School Bus Safety Network

Third Place

EC Goodwin - Technoids

Computer Science Challenge 2

First Place

Newtown HS - Wavecheck

Second Place

MBA - NovaTech

Third Place

Watertown HS - Safe-D-Team


First Place

Oliver Wolcott - Phone Shield

Second Place

New Fairfield - RevLights  

Third Place

East Haven - DCPS and ESUMS - Volantem Machina


First Place

Pomperaug - MergeMaster

Second Place

Farmington - Soul Heat

Third Place

Foran - OmniTech

Middle School

First Place

Woodbury - De-Scent It

Second Place

Thomas Edison - Team Sili Slips

Third Place

Thomas Edison - UPSILON + 2

New Media

First Place

Wethersfield - #WhatIf?

Second Place

ESUMS - CofranMedia  

Third Place

Woodland - Hawk Buster


First Place

Pomperaug - Clam20

Second Place

Pomperaug - CPower

Third Place

Pomperaug - Spectral Shift


First Place

New Fairfield - CAFFEiNATION

Second Place

ESUMS - Digestyme

Third Place

Torrington - Bee Green Phone Cases


First Place

Wamogo - AFS

Second Place

ESUMS - Safe Vacation

Third Place

Wamogo - EmotiaTech

Special Awards

Big Pitch - Audience Choice

NovaTech - MBA

Big Pitch - Judges Choice

AFS - Wamogo

Big Bang

SuperSonicPumps Inc - Windsor HS

Director's Challenge

AFS - Wamogo