Expo Fest

Expo Fest 2021
Stay Tuned!

Expo Fest is an annual highlight for the Skills21 and affiliated organizations. This online event is the culminating experience for a year's worth of hard work and innovation by middle and high school students from across the state of Connecticut. The event will be hosted via Facebook Live on Friday, June 5th.

Inspired Learning ● Creative Design ● Student Solutions


Expo Fest highlights the phenomenal work of our Senior Capstone projects. These students have worked tirelessly to follow their hearts and execute their passions into reality!

Red Carpet Screening

The Red Carpet Screening will showcase the best students films in CT! The film students will unite in celebration with photo opportunities, games and concessions open to all students and parents.

Exhibition and Pitch Presentations

In the dome of the Oakdale, Skills21 hosts the exhibition trade floor, student presentations, the Big Pitch and Big Bang 2019 to discover the ultimate team Expo Fest winners! This passion-fueled, fast-paced day is not one to miss!

All the excitement that has happened at Expo Fest has left me with the impression that our generation can do something for the world and this is just the first step. 9th Grade Student Wamogo Regional High School