Expo Fest

The ultimate experience for students' hard work and innovation, the high-energy Expo Fest lets students showcase their innovative, cross-curricular products, services, community actions, digital media, and film programs.

  • Over 2000 Attendees between the two-day event
  • More than 70 teams participating across 10 Challenge Categories
  • Upwards of 75 higher education and industrial professionals volunteer as judges
  • See Launchpad and Trackpad live-in-action

Expo Fest is a competition held annually in Connecticut, in which high school students work in teams to design, develop, and implement an innovative product or solution to a given challenge.

The 2020 Innovation Challenge is Breaking Boundaries. Each team must develop a definition and build their project to suit the challenge. Depending on the project, teams are judged by a panel of scientists, filmmakers, designers, hardware and software engineers, business professionals, and university and college faculty.

Throughout the year, teams use the six critical 21st Century Skills—Information Literacy, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Communication, and Responsible Citizenship—to design and develop an Expo Fest project. Practicing and mastering these six skills sets students apart as lifelong learners and innovators.

Expo Fest allows students to showcase inspired ideas and launches them on the path to greater success.

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