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Self-Paced, Student-Driven Projects

Skills21 offers a range of self-paced student projects designed to accelerate student success as we emerge from the COVID pandemic. The project curricula and platforms have been crafted specifically to meet the unique challenges districts currently face and are supported by Skills21’s twenty year history delivering student-centered learning.

Personalized Project Based Learning


Skills21 works with school districts to design a Capstone program that aligns with the school’s portrait of a graduate and fits the school’s implementation needs.


Students embark on a journey in which they will discover things about themselves and learn new practices on how to live a more balanced and mindful life. 

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The Personal Interest Project (PIP) is a remote/hybrid learning opportunity which allows students to create something in an area of interest for them.

Personalized Project Based Learning

Skills21 Competition

Expo Fest is a virtual competition for middle school and high school students to showcase their inspired ideas they produce in either Capstone, Film, PIP or Teams. 

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