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Skills21 offers a range of self-paced student projects designed to accelerate student success as we emerge from the COVID pandemic. The project curricula and platforms have been crafted specifically to meet the unique challenges districts currently face and are supported by Skills21’s twenty year history delivering student-centered learning.


In the Skills21 Capstone Program, students demonstrate mastery of a variety of college and career ready skills through an individual passion driven project. Skills21 works with school districts to design a Capstone program that aligns with the school’s portrait of a graduate and fits the school’s implementation needs.

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The Personal Interest Project (PIP) is a remote/hybrid learning opportunity for students to follow their passion. The PIP platform guides students through a process to explore an area of interest and create something of their own choosing. Students are encouraged to get creative as they learn, solve and create! Projects can be submitted to our PIP Expo.




Students will embark on a journey in which they will discover things about themselves and learn new practices on how to live a more balanced and mindful life. Students will complete different series of activities that will get them thinking, moving, and connecting with the world and those around them.  This SEL curriculum leads student to their final portfolio while improving their technology, media and writing skills. 

Expo Fest


Expo Fest is an virtual competition in which high school students work in teams or independently to design, develop, and implement an innovative film, product, service or or solution to a given challenge. Expo Fest allows students to showcase inspired ideas and launches them on the path to greater success.




Skills21 provides a free opportunity for middle and high school students to challenge their creativity, leverage their media skills and showcase their filmmaking abilities. This year Reimagine the possibilities and submit your wonderful films from school or home to Expo Fest 2021!

In the Skills21 Team Challenges, students must identify a real-world problem and produce a viable solution. Each challenge is supported with a respective scoring criteria and suggested project curriculum designed to support students and teachers in remote or hybrid learning settings. All teams will showcase their work at our annual Expo Fest. 





In the Skills21 Capstone Program, students demonstrate mastery of a variety of college and career ready skills through an individual project. Capstone projects are often rooted in students’ passions and interests.  Final projects completed from school and/or home take on a variety of forms to authentically address a research question. 

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