Capstone in Independent Schools

Personalized Learning & Capstone in Action

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Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Location: EdAdvance - 355 Goshen Road, Litchfield, CT 06776

There is no cost for this professional development.  A continental breakfast and lunch will be served.

Capstone experiences at the high school level are uniquely suited to drive student ownerships and personalize learning.  Independent schools are perfectly poised to implement Capstone/Senior Year Projects because they have so much flexibility and a variety of resources.  If you currently have, or are considering adding a Capstone initiative, you will benefit from this one day professional development session designed for private school teachers.

The workshop will be led by Skills21 staff who are currently completing the third year of a National Science Foundation Capstone development program. Dr. Liz Radday, former director of the Learning Support program at The Marvelwood School and a learning specialist with ten years of experience in independent schools, will be the lead facilitator.  In addition, participants will hear directly from students participating in Capstone experiences.

The Skills21 Capstone was designed for students to

Having successfully engaged over 2500 students in 30 schools, the Skills21 Capstone initiative can serve as a model for any independent school looking to begin or deepen their efforts in this exciting arena.

Participants will receive:

One day of PD with experts on personalized learning and challenge based learning

Access to the Skills21 Capstone Course

Access to the Capstone video series that documents the milestones of the course over the course of a year

Register Here To Attend!

Register Here To Attend!

For more information please contact Dr. Liz Radday at or 860-567-0863 Ext 1209